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    Feminine and powerful: Immerse yourself in the colorful floral paradise of spring

    This makeup technique uses only the bare minimum makeup products.

    My goal is to create extraordinary products with the best possible price-quality ratio and to generate new ideas.

    Helmut Baurecht, Owner & Company Founder

    Large selection of ARTDECO makeup and care products

    Discover a wide range of ARTDECO products on our official ARTDECO website, which covers all makeup and care collections. Thanks to ARTDECO’s wide range of makeup products and colors, everyone can bring out their unique beauty. Premium makeup classics like nail polish, lipsticks, blush, and eyeliner, combined with innovate specialty products like our Eyeshadow Base, Magic Fix, or Lash Booster. Perfectly accentuate your features with ARTDECO’s range of beauty products. 

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