Nail Specials

Nail Specials

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Glue and repair ripped nails in just seconds with ARTDECO nail glue

Moisturizing nail glue from ARTDECO: For natural and artificial nails that are ripped and damaged

Uh-oh, you’ve ripped a nail. What now? Fix damaged nails fast with ARTDECO Nail Glue. It’s the perfect way to seal broken nails. In just seconds, it turns ripped surfaces into healthy-looking nails thanks to its super moisturizing properties. For even more nail care, follow it up with the Repair Care Nail Lacquer, and treat your nails to some added elasticity and moisture. It is an easy and effective way to take care of your nails.

Do you know your nail type? Are your nails soft and thin, or dry and brittle? What’s the right nail care for you? Take our nail type test and find out now. You can also learn all our tips and tricks on how to get healthy nails in our manicure tips.

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