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Makeup Palettes

Makeup Palettes

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    Magnetic Palette
    Magnetic palette with sliding mechanism for up to five eyeshadows Learn More
  2. image_product
    Beauty Box Duo
    Mirrored magnetic box Learn More
  3. image_product
    Beauty Box Trio
    Magnetic box Learn More
  4. image_product
    Beauty Box Quattro
    Refillable magnetic case for four eyeshadows Learn More
  5. image_product
    Beauty Box Quadrat
    Mirrored magnetic box Learn More
  6. image_product
    Beauty Box Magnum
    Refillable magnetic case for 12 eyeshadows Learn More
  7. image_product
    Beauty Box Magnum Limited Edition
    Magnetic empty Magnum palette. Limited edition calligraphy design. Learn More
  8. image_product
    Most Wanted Contouring Palette
    As low as €19.95
    Powder Palette for Contouring + Strobing + Blush Learn More
  9. image_product
    Duo Eyeshadow Applicator
    Duo eyeshadow applicator (also suitable for the Beauty Box) Learn More
  10. image_product
    Eyeshadow Duo Applicator For Trio Box
    Duo eyeshadow applicator (also suitable for the Beauty Box) Learn More
  11. image_product
    Eyeshadow Applicator For Duo Box
    Mini eyeshadow applicator (also suitable for the Beauty Box) Learn More
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12 Items


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ARTDECO’s versatile and practical makeup palettes for every makeup look

Create your own look and put together a personalized makeup palette using the ARTDECO Beauty Box and other professional makeup palettes

You want it all? Easy peasy with the ARTDECO Beauty Box. Its practical magnetic system means you can customize the makeup palette in your Beauty Box to your heart’s content – whether it be your favorite eyeshadow, blush, camouflage cream, or eyebrow powder. Your makeup shelf will have never looked tidier thanks to the ARTDECO makeup palette. The best part is you can always swap out your shades and products as you see fit. Those are just some of the reasons why the ARTDECO magnetic box is the perfect on-the-go beauty assistant. 

Create your own, personalized makeup palette using our Beauty Box. It’s up to you to decide exactly what you want and need. Start by selecting a size and then simply fill your empty palette. For example, are you looking for a large eyeshadow palette with all your favorite colors? Look no further. Our Beauty Box Magnum is exactly what you’ve been looking for! Create your own personalized Beauty Box here with all your favorites!

Get a wide range of lip makeup looks with our Most Wanted Lip Palette. This lip palette consists of six creamy and perfectly matched colors that are easy to combine. Quick and easy lip makeup, for every occasion.

Still not sure which colors will brighten your eyes? Get some inspiration from our Beauty Box recommendations. You can also get great tips on finding the right eyeshadow for your eye color and hair color.

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