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Facial Products

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Premium facial products for beautiful, glowing skin

Get a fresh and youthful complexion with moisturizing creams, face masks, and anti-aging products from ARTDECO

ARTDECO has a wide range of facial products that have been specially developed with all skin types in mind – dry skin, combination skin, oily or sensitive skin, and also mature skin. Carefully selected nourishing extracts and sumptuous textures leave your skin with an amazing glow. Intensive skin care is especially needed if you have sensitive or delicate skin. Carefully removing your makeup every day is the most important part of your beauty care routine. ARTDECO skin cleansing products, like our Aloe Cleansing Milk skin cleanser or our White Tea Cleansing Mousse, gently and thoroughly remove makeup residue – without drying out your skin. To soothe your skin after cleansing and give it some added moisture, go for a face toner. Applying moisturizer to your face is part of every daily beauty care ritual. As the name suggests, moisturizer has a hydrating effect and works to keep your skin supple and smooth. If you have mature or more demanding skin, we recommend our Intensive Lifting Serum, an anti-aging fluid with an immediate firming effect. Thanks to its oil-free formula, this serum can also be applied around your eyes as an anti-aging eye treatment, as this area is especially prone to fine lines. ARTDECO’s moisturizing eye creams provide your skin with much needed elasticity and protect it from harmful environmental factors, leaving you with smooth, even skin. Whether you’re 30, 40 or 50+, our Anti-Wrinkle Cream With Q10 supplies your skin with Q10, a valuable anti-oxidant, and anti-aging vitamin A. Our Instant Lifting Perfection Cream helps to prevent fine lines thanks to its toning anti-aging complex. It’s suitable for all skin types, but is particularly beneficial for combination and oily skin types. ARTDECO’s face creams give you long-lasting hydration, leaving you with fresh and youthful-looking skin. If you’re looking for more intense facial products, we recommend our luxurious face serums, like our Hyaluronic Intensive Serum or our Intensive Lifting Serum, which provide your skin with valuable and effective ingredients. From time to time it’s also nice to treat your skin to a deeply nourishing face mask that’s suitable for your skin type. Treat yourself to high-quality ingredients and nourishing essences that regenerate your skin. Go for a calming face mask if you have dry, sensitive skin. If you have blemished skin, go for a cleansing, pore-refining face mask, or an anti-aging mask. Be sure to remove any dead skin cells with a gentle face peeling. This will give your skin a refined and even appearance. Our tip: Don’t use a face peeling product every day, but rather 1-2 times a week.

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