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High-quality ARTDECO skin care – radiant skin from head to toe

Get healthy, silky skin with gentle care products from ARTDECO

For the majority of people, skin care is part of their daily bathroom routines. ARTDECO has a diverse range of premium skin care products for all skin types. Take good care of your skin by using ARTDECO’s skin care products. Our skin care line is gentle and delicate, and contains nurturing essences that leave your skin looking even and glowing. They are especially gentle on the skin and have been developed with every skin type in mind. Blemished skin, or sensitive, dry skin? ARTDECO’s premium skin care range also includes a special anti-aging complex. When it comes to skin care, the skin on our face needs special attention. That’s why ARTDECO has developed face care products that are tailored to the needs of all skin types. When we think about face care, the first thing that comes to mind is face cleanser. ARTDECO’s mild face cleanser gently and thoroughly removes makeup and impurities from your face. A gently daily cleanser is the best way to get beautiful, glowing skin. A lightweight moisturizer, like our Oxyvital Hydra Mousse, delivers just the right amount of moisture to your skin. Our Vitamin Moisture Balm contains vitalizing vitamins that work to make tired skin look fresh and hydrated.

Get silky soft skin with ARTDECO body care: Sumptuous body creams and body lotions, invigorating shower gel, or a gentle body scrub. Our body care products at ARTDECO have everything you need to get silky, smooth skin from head to toe.

Our hands and feet are the most used parts of our body. That’s why specially developed, intensive skin care is all the more important when it comes to these body parts. ARTDECO hand care products deliver moisture to tired, over-worked hands, leaving them revived and silky-smooth. Valuable skin care extracts also provide your hands with much needed suppleness and elasticity. And thanks to the luxurious textures and aromas of ARTDECO’s foot care range, your regular pedicure routine is transformed into a sensuous spa experience, leaving even the driest feet feeling supple and smooth. Your home spa awaits you!

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